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Why Soy Candles?

why soy candles Soy wax has taken the candle making industry by storm. Sales of soy waxhave been on the increase and are expected to multiply year after year. There are several factors contributing to the fast growth of Soy Wax:

  • It is natural
  • non-toxic
  • burns cleaner
  • produces significantly less soot
  • lasts much longer than paraffin wax
  • made from completely renewable resources
  • It affords a safe environment for children and pets, and
  • Helps the North American farmer.

Why Accent Soy Candles?

I started making my own candles because I was not happy with the candles I would purchase. That lead me into a very precious learning experience where I discovered the magic and multitude of fragrances associated with soy candles.

I now enjoy making the scents of Pumpkin Souflee, Stawberry Cheescake and Hot Baked Apple Pie, while in the past I only enjoyed baking them on various occasions.

Our Soy Candles come in a variety of sizes and fragrances. I make them on a custom basis bearing in mind the popularity and season. In the rare occasion where I don't have your favorite candle in stock, I will certainly make sure it is made and shipped to you in no time flat.

I make my candles with a touch of passion because I love what I do. My fragrances are distinct and strong yet not over powering. The aroma of one candle will fill a room up with the fragrance of your choice. In deciding on the containers that will ultimately hold my candles, I made sure they were simple yet elegant, and were hand-picked throughout many trips I made personally to various suppliers.

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